Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Praise God for Him to bring 12 years of blessings to Presence Quotient®. Because of your support, we witnessed successful results of our two other core ministries of “RE:NEW a Presence Movement” and “Presence Possibilities”, bearing many fruits in bridging two generations and cultures to serve our community. Here is a true story:

“A 13-year-old boy who had trouble retaining information in school came into our office. His assessment showed that he was a visual learner. During his consultation, we uncovered that this child had been bulled in fifth grade. Not only did we offer him and his parents learning strategies but also tips on how to deal with his repressed anger towards his current classmates. In addition, we referred him to see an Asian-American counselor and encouraged him to seek a mentor at his church. As I prayed for him during the consultation, he understood he was inside an emotional prison but has a choice to walk out anytime. The boy began to cry, and it was apparent that the Holy Spirit worked within him. Afterward, he hugged and thanked me for listening and understanding.”

In the past ten months, Presence has broadened our ministry with 33% increase of hosting 57 seminars and workshop series: family/marriage, parenting skills, youth mentorship, bridging the i-Generation, workplace communication, and mental health improvement serving 3,658 people. Presence is paving ways to accomplish God’s clear vision to bridge inter-generational and cultural gap.

In addition, Presence is planning to consolidate our existing four contact database systems into one. In 6 months, we will be able to use this tool to effectively communicate with our students, parents, pastors, donors, and volunteers in a timely manner!

With the vision of the generations coming together to build healthy families based on Christian values. Will you consider continuing to partner with us financially to support this ministry? Your tax deductible donation will help us to create educational workshop curriculum, and complete the much needed software system upgrade. As of Nov ’15, Presence has revenue of $216,000, budgetary expense of $305,000. The result is a shortage of $89,000. Therefore your generous prayers and donations are greatly appreciated.  We are blessed by your current and past involvement supporting Presence!

With God’s blessings,

Agnes Ip

Founder and President

Presence Quotient