Interpersonal Relationships

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Nurture a Close Relationship with a Transformed Heart – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

by Presence Quotient

I always ask myself, “Who are the people that I have the closest relationship with? Who would I like to have a close relationship with?” After reflecting on these questions, I would say that my relationships with my family members are the closest. Good friends do play an important role in our lives, but relationships between friends may change over time or because of geographical distance. Only family members will always have a special and unchanging spot in our hearts.

Reading Together: A Resource for Building a Closer Parent-Child Relationship

by Presence Quotient

The recent pandemic has without a doubt affected our relationships with friends and family members. For those parents looking to connect with their teens or adult children on a deeper level; or for those youth who want to have a better relationship with their parents, we at Presence and RE:NEW hope to provide resources that will help families take the time to understand one another’s perspectives.

The Growth and Maturity of an American-Born Chinese (2)

by Presence Quotient

Our last blog article talked about how Yanzie, a typical good American-Born Chinese girl, dealt with parents’ expectations, identity issues as an ABC, together with all the other challenges in her high school years. In this issue, Yanzie shares about the changes she experienced in her college years, the transformation of her relationship with her parents, and how faith carried her through growing pains and difficulties. With understanding and acceptance, she believes there can always be warmth and harmony within the family.

The Growth and Maturity of an American-Born Chinese (1)

by Presence Quotient

In the eyes of Chinese parents, the so-called perfect child is believed to have no more than a few characteristics: outstanding academic performance, helpful with house chores, active school participation, gets along with peers, respectful and courteous to elders, responsible, and caring for family members. Though Chinese parents work hard to raise their children to be sensible and good, have you ever thought about how they think about their identity, their relationship with parents, and the various challenges they face in school?

Keepsakes – Presence Harmonious Family Series

by Presence Quotient

We don’t have to keep giving gifts to express our love; instead, we can let the person who gifted to us know how much we appreciate what they have done. By telling people, “Your love is still vivid and alive in my memory,” is in and of itself a way to return your love.

Love Language – Presence Harmonious Family Series

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We all have our own love language, and so do our children, spouses, and parents. If we can understand their preferences and speak their love language accordingly, it can bolster our relationships with warm feelings and joy. For this Thanksgiving season, try to discover the love languages of the people around you and respond with their preference to show your gratitude towards them. Surely, they will deeply feel your love and gratitude!

The Impact of Attachment – Presence Harmonious Family Series

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Elderly people often say that babies will be spoiled by being held too much, but some experts say more hugs can promote mental health in children. Should babies be held often? This is a problem often encountered by novice parents. People always say attachment is very important. What exactly is “attachment”?

Be a Mom Who Knows How to Live – Presence Harmonious Family Series

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To a lot of people, especially women, getting married and raising a family is an important life goal. However, after that goal is achieved, life isn’t as simple as a fairy tale, where the couple lives happily ever after. Instead, a mom always needs to have skills in different areas to meet the demands of life. To moms like us, we long to know how to live.

Moms, besides taking care of your kids, what tips do you have to maintain life quality? Please share your thoughts with us!