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PLPC Prayer Series (6) – Being Genuine in Your Friendships

by Presence Quotient

Learning to be genuine in our relationships is vital to building deep friendships and becoming more mature ourselves. In our latest prayer article, Lily encourages us to think and pray through the sincerity of our relationships and understand what keeps us from forging stronger bonds with those around us.

Presence Life Planning Prayer Series (5) – Overcoming Challenges in Life

by Presence Quotient

Looking back at the different stages of life, I have experienced a lot of tough challenges and have shed heartbroken tears. It has not been easy, and I am surprised to see how I have come through. As I take a closer look, I see God’s grace and help through every step of the way. I realize that as long as I rely on Him, nothing is impossible…

Presence Life Planning Prayer Series (4) Stress and Negative Thinking – Life Planning and Emotional Health

by Presence Quotient

Life planning is a process that invites people to explore different paths in life and to discover life’s blueprints. We truly believe that in a society full of competition and pressure, it is also a way to discover one’s personal identity and nurture one’s life, soul, and growth. Dr. Philip Lowe is a clinical psychologist who works in the hospital setting. Through this interview, Dr. Lowe shared with us how life planning can be used to manage stress and improve overall emotional health.