Michelle Tam

(Adapted from Presence Family Magazine, September 2016, Issue 8 https://issuu.com/presenceministry/docs/presence_magazine_eng_2016/16


When my daughter decided to pursue her college education in Boston, our relationship began a new chapter. Although the long distance and time difference have been enormously challenging, it has also been the most rewarding experience for the both of us. When asked to write this article about our relationship, my daughter and I both agreed that there is one aspect of our relationship that stands out as the most significant and valuable: an environment that nurtures honesty. In order to build a trusting and honest relationship, my husband and I, as parents, must first become open-minded listeners and supporters of our children.

Thanks to modern technology, even though we are 3,000 miles apart, my daughter and I are still able to keep in touch every single day through FaceTime. Our conversations cover a variety of topics ranging from politics to romance, from fashion to academics. Being an available companion is our way of saying, “I’m here for you.”


Living away from home means my daughter has to deal with daily life on her own. This comes with freedom and excitement as well as challenges and frustration. Whenever she is confronted with a problem, I must remind myself to refrain from making judgments about her. Instead, my focus has shifted to the task of assisting her in solving her own problems. During her first year in Boston, she called one day saying she had overslept and missed an important test. She was very emotional and anxious because this exam would determine her grade in the class. Instead of questioning why she had overslept, my first thought was to calm her down. Then I proceeded to ask her about possible actions she could take to remedy the situation. My questions prompted her to refocus her emotions and decide on a course of action. A couple days later, during our daily conversation, she told me the reason she had overslept, and I was thrilled by her forthcoming honesty. Additionally, there is a bonus for maintaining a non-judgmental attitude when talking to my child: I am able to see the world through her eyes with a whole new perspective. I feel young and energetic again!

Over the past few years, even though the physical distance between us has grown, our minds and hearts have stayed closer than ever. I pray for my daughter’s safety and well-being every day. Although many things are out of my control, I know God is always watching over her. I’m thankful for every opportunity God gives me to grow alongside my daughter and for our relationship, which is founded upon mutual understanding and honesty.


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