Presence Life Planning Curriculum (PLPC) – Live a vibrant life with purpose

PLPC introduction video

This is a life planning curriculum for believers, and a very important personal growth education that you should not miss. We emphasize setting the life priorities, and building a healthy emotional and relational life. This curriculum uses interactive games and activities, explores real life cases, and offers biblical principles to help individuals discover their personal and social identities and encourage them to live a vibrant life with purpose.

Presence Life Planning Curriculum Course Descriptions:

A1. Defining Your Core Values: Setting Life Priorities

The time between high school and college is a critical stage that is full of choices. Therefore, it is particularly important to teach youth the right set of values in order to guide them through critical decisions in their lives. If life is like a train, then your view of life and your value system are like the track on which your life runs. Setting a train on the right track to reach your intended destination is the basis for life decisions. No matter how fast a train runs, even if it outruns other trains, life is still a mess if the train does not run on the right track. This lesson will help you discover the importance of having the right value system and shows you how to set your priorities.

A2. Managing Your Life: Pursuing Physical and Emotional Health

In this age of rapid informational and technological development, young people can easily gain academic and relevant knowledge. However, life management skills, such as self-care and interpersonal relationships, may pale in comparison. Without a competent level of self-care and a balanced lifestyle, our youth are facing challenges in dealing with emotions. Many onsets of mental health issues are triggered by prolonged lack of sleep, exercise and mindful solitude. This segment guides you to pursue physical and emotional health, so that you can enjoy living a balanced and vibrant life.

A3. Cherishing Your Relationships: Investing in Intimate Relationships

Humans are relational beings. Important intimate relationships in life are foundational in establishing security and a healthy sense of self. Our relationship with God directly affects the quality of our interpersonal relationships. This lesson teaches you the art of give-and-take, how to nourish important relationships to enhance intimacy, and the wisdom of letting go when relationships end.

A4. Resisting Temptations: Handling Stress with a Healthy Attitude in Order to Resist Temptations and Addictions

When facing external pressures, many often lack coping skills and end up finding excuses or outlets in the wrong direction. Some seek relief through compulsive buying or from online games. Some resort to pornography, drugs, and other addictive indulgences. This lesson helps you establish a healthy value system, develop skills to cope with pressures, and resist lust and temptations. We also introduce therapeutic plans for addictions.

B1. Embracing Your Life: Discovering Your Uniqueness, Life Goals, and Dreams 

You can only live a fruitful and happy life when you are passionate about life and have a set of clear life goals. Through assessing different learning styles, multiple intelligences, character traits, talents and spiritual gifts, this lesson helps you find your uniqueness. Armed with such knowledge, you can set your own life goals. This lesson also encourages you to realize your dreams by broadening your horizon, understanding society and the world on a deeper level, and actively serving others.

B2. Rising above Limitations: Accepting and Overcoming Challenges in Life

Living in comparison with others often results in pain and despair. This segment guides you to understand your own limitations and those of your family, society and culture. You will learn to accept who you are, your disadvantages, and your limits. You also learn to appreciate your ability to rise above challenges to achieve an unwavering and grateful attitude in life.

B3. Reevaluating Success and Failure: Examining Societal Standards

Our endless pursuit of success is the main source of our pressures. However, success in reality is often defined by those around us. In this lesson, we will be taking a fresh look and evaluating our standards and examining their validity. We will aim to relieve ourselves from the bondage of societal pressures and develop an understanding of the importance of connecting to a community with healthy standards.

B4. Living a Moral Life: Rejecting Personal Gains Achieved through Unethical Practices

In a highly competitive society, many are choosing to abandon their moral standard and chasing after their goals at the expense of personal integrity, reputation, trust, and friendship. This lesson points out the need and the know how of establishing a crystal clear ethical standard, a set of life priorities, an attitude of fighting for justice and rejecting selfish gains through unrighteous or unlawful paths.