(2012 Annual Newsletter)

Presence held two seminars in June and September to present Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for mild behavioral health issues. The seminars were led by Ms. Agnes Ip, Presence Founder and President. The Cantonese seminar took place at Chinese Evangelical Free Church in Monterey Park on June 25, 2011, and the Mandarin course in partnership with the Evangelical Formosan Church of Rowland Heights, was conducted on September 24, 2011. There was a total of 195 in attendance coming from more than thirty different churches.

To demonstrate the practical applications of CBT, Agnes analyzed some of the participants’ real life situations using CBT strategies. She showed them the underlying cause of their behavioral problems, and helped them discover ways to build a healthy and positive perspective.

The seminars received many positive comments. One said, “The practical life situation discussions helped me to resolve my daily problems with tact. It helped me to build my confidence and overcome my negative behavior. The seminar was very valuable!”

Another participant, who decided to join Presence as a volunteer after benefiting from this workshop said, “This seminar helps me to realize my inner anxiety and depression. The concept of CBT is very helpful.”

The audience learned that CBT strategies are both useful and effective in managing behavior. “It corrects my irrational assumptions and helps me to learn positive and logical thinking,” said another participant.

Many who came to the workshop expressed interest in taking part in future Presence’s activities.

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