(2012 Annual Newsletter)

It has been said that Christianity is always just one generation away from extinction. This is an urgent call and challenge for us to lead our young people to an enduring faith in Jesus Christ, and Presence is responding.

By faith, we are launching RE:NEW, a Presence outreach to youth. Our vision for RE:NEW is to develop a community movement of teens in the local areas and on the web. Faith-provoking content and events will connect these youth to each other and build a community that strengthens their Christian faith. We seek to partner with churches and other Christian organizations to provide services that challenge youth to RE:NEW their RESPONSE to Christ. It is our hope to bring the relevance of Christ and the Bible to the teen setting through various forms of media and technology, so that every teen will be able to utilize and celebrate the gifts they have been given in a corporate declaration that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Our first connecting point is the website www.RENEWtheRESPONSE.org, a place for teens to participate and give their input with testimonies, music, artwork, and other creative pieces as they both encourage and are encouraged by the community of authentic individuals. Along with that, RE:NEW Magazine is a backpack-friendly size publication that can conveniently be used by the teens to introduce Jesus to their friends. Furthermore, a live event on the topic of “Understanding Islam and Other Worldviews”, similar to last year’s very popular “Answering the Atheist” is being planned for the fall.

We envision RE:NEW to be the springboard of change for the leaders, laborers, and gospel-bearers that God will surely raise up to impact our schools and communities with His message of peace. However, there is so much more to be done towards that vision. We need your help. If you would like to partner with us, or if you just want to find out more about RE:NEW, please contact info@RENEWtheRESPONSE.org.

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