(2010 March Newsletter)

Maggie Hui

          Presence Ministry held its first Couples’ Retreat from July 17-19, 2009, in Palm Springs, CA. During the three-day retreat, through games, case studies, and demonstration, Agnes taught us how to listen to each other’s feelings, how to express our own expectations and needs, how to show love through speaking the other person’s “love language”, and how to be each other’s spiritual partner. For me, I enjoyed the several “spouse only” sessions the most, in which each couple spent time with discussions and prayers. The Holy Spirit indeed spoke to me and my husband during those times and reminded us that God’s love was the foundation of our marriage. This retreat also provided opportunities to share with other newlywed couples. Although we are affiliated with different churches, we shared honestly about the challenges of the marital relationship, and we became each other’s encouragement.

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