(Adapted from Presence Family Magazine, September 2016, Issue 8)

Janice Tang

It’s no secret that the addition of a child to any family completely changes the family dynamics. But I didn’t realize that the changes brought by a child is even more far-reaching than that.

My husband and I had been married for 12 years before our long-anticipated child joined our family. I thought I was well prepared for this change. However, now, another six years later, I have to confess I am still amazed by how our daughter has transformed my world. We are losing so much personal time and space at home to our child and giving up our hobbies and opportunities for her. Instead, from the time the doctor placed this little bundle of joy in my arms, her daily needs have turned my schedule upside down; her every action has caught my attention; and her innocent eyes have pierced through me as she waiting for answers.  

Not only has my daughter become central to my life, she has also had greatly changed my sense of purpose and how I live.

Before I became a mom, I was responsible for myself and to God only. Now I am responsible for the life of another person. This person came into the world with her own temperament, interests and limitations, as well as her own potential and calling. As her mom, I have the crucial responsibility to build her up by accompanying her as she grows and learns through exploring, experiencing ups and downs and collecting life’s valuable experiences. This realization has deepened my respect for my role as a mother even more, as I learn that my words and actions have incomparable power and influence over my daughter’s life. How could I take this responsibility lightly?

These experiences have made me realize that women, you are very important. All women should treasure and treat themselves well. Home is the cradle that nurtures growth and new life, and women are the soul of that experience. May God bless all the women in this world with a gentle embrace, skillful hands, sweet smiles and encouraging words, so that they can open up a window of heaven in every corner of the world and bring warmth to every precious life in the world.

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