Presence was born with a mission to raise the next generation, to help young people integrate their faith into their lives and become leaders. Education and training has become our core ministry. We cover areas of social culture, family life and faith challenges. All these training events are to be coordinated by our Presence Quotient division. Presence Quotient was established to provide holistic training to churches, families and individuals. We use the word “Quotient” as it involves education on Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Moral Quotient, Adversity Quotient and the like. We also produce our bilingual family magazine and multimedia products as supplemental educational materials. In the past ten years, we have hosted numerous trainings and seminars, serving more than 55,000 people. They were very well responded to and received.

The following topics are the popular ones that we did in the past. For churches, organizations or individuals that are interested in co-hosting training or have inquiries about our educational items, please contact “Presence Quotient” at (626) 810-5200, or email us at

Understanding the I-Generation
This is an in-depth workshop for parents covering the latest trends, cultural norms, and societal values of the young generation (the I-Generation) pinpointing areas of struggle and their need for parental support.

Personal Growth Series
This training integrates faith and psychology, to help you identify your attachment pattern and life-stage objectives. In the process, you will discover more about your strengths and values, and also learn how to set healthy boundaries. This self-growth will help prevent unnecessary projection and manipulation in interpersonal and caring relationships. It’s designed for pastoral staff, professional counselors, small group leaders, lay counselors, those in caring or visitation ministry and all believers who seek personal growth.

Bridging the Two Generations – Church and Family
This topic can be focused on family life or church life. For families, the training focuses on promoting harmony between two generations by understanding their differences in thinking, culture and temperament. For churches, we will discuss ways of establishing healthy working relationships between the two generations for those in ministry.

Understanding 8 Types of Learning Styles
This workshop is designed to help parents identify each child’s personal strengths and learning style. When this knowledge is properly applied to their studies, students will be able to reach their maximum potential and have better morale. This not only results in a more successful career path for the students but also produces less conflict and better communication between the two generations.

Agnes teaches very professionally. She made me realize raising children is not the same compared to raising the last generation. We need to understand our children’s learning styles and accept their uniqueness in order to motivate them to learn. That, in turn, will promote better communication and mutual respect between parents and children.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – a Self-Help Guide for Those Who Suffer from Mild Depression and Anxiety
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been recognized by the American Psychological Association to be one of the most effective psycho-therapies. It has been widely researched and applied to emotional and behavioral problems, and is very effective in treating depression, anxiety disorders, stress, phobia, obsessive compulsive disorders, claustrophobia, and eating disorders. This training course helps the participants identify how their thinking affects their emotion and behaviors. When they encounter any emotional and behavioral issues, they can learn to trace and adjust the related thinking patterns in order to find relief from those problems. This course is for education purposes only and not a therapy session.

This is a highly professional clinical training. It effectively helps people adjust their negative thinking, understand one’s core beliefs and analyze how to identify wrong thinking patterns. My favorite part is the case studies as we can easily relate to those cases in our daily lives. The speaker provided very practical and relevant techniques to help those with emotional issues better understand and face their problems.

Family Conferences for the 21st Century
We have hosted three Family Conferences for the 21st Century. This conference consists of multiple workshops providing practical trainings for both parents and children and equipping parents to build a loving and dynamic family to face the challenges of today’s culture.

Series on Internet Addiction and Computer Gaming
Internet addiction has become an imminent and serious issue. Presence has hosted seminars and workshops to address issues like the causes and treatments for internet and gaming addiction. We also arranged a testimony from someone who was once addicted to internet games and how he overcame the addiction. This series is designed for both parents and youth, and some of the materials have been collected as media products.

Daniel Sutoyo’s testimony is so real and interesting. He helped me understand the mindset and the struggles of the younger generation and our children. The alternative activities that my children could participate in suggested by the speakers were very constructive. I have learned how to better communicate, build relationships and avoid getting into conflicts with my children.

Other series on gender roles, marriages, family and social ethics
Presence has been providing customized trainings to churches for their Sunday School, fellowships, small groups and retreats. These trainings aim at helping believers handle issues regarding different life stages, such as our “Healthy Families” seminar, “Journey to Intimacy” women / parent groups, “How to Be a Good Man” day camp, and “Entering the Golden Age.” Others include workshops on interpersonal relationships and conflict management like our “Personal Bias, Faith and Interpersonal Relationships” Sunday school program, and seminars on marriage relationships and spiritual growth.

I enjoyed Phillip’s workshop a lot. He’s a resourceful speaker, and the content of his workshop was very practical and interesting. He helped us understand the importance of communication in our marriage, encouraged us to love our spouse more, talk to each other directly, always remember to express thankfulness, and learn how to forgive and ask for forgiveness. I was touched and impressed by the exercises we did in the workshop.

The Future Direction of “Presence Quotient”
“Presence Quotient” will continue to feel the heartbeat of this generation, and provide appropriate training series to churches, communities and families. We hope to partner more with churches and organizations and customize our training series to meet their needs. If God allows, we do hope that we can also train and equip trainers so that more communities can be benefited from our resources.