We need volunteers for video editing, please contact us if you have interest.


We also need your donations for the following items:

Black and  Color Ink Cartridges OFFICEJET 932/933 for HP6700
Black Ink Cartridges OFFICEJET 933 for Canon MF4700
Color ink Cartridges HP Laserjet 200
Banner printing $300
Fundraiser postcard and ticket printing $200
Event flyer printing $50/per time
Photoshop software $29/month
Mac computer for graphic design & video editing
Drinking water for office $60/month
Video Camera for DVD production
Stamp $30/month
Janitorial Supplies (Tissue, Paper Towels, Toliet Paper, Napkin, hand soap, detergent etc.) $60/month
Office Supplies(Letter size paper, Binder, folder, hanging folders, staples, note pad, post-it-note, envelope, Paper plates etc.) $30/month
Mail box annual rental $420/year
Janitor fees:$100/month


Donation is tax-deductible.